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Freedom Ship International, the world renowned concept developer of the "City at Sea" is now welcoming joint venture inquiries to facilitate the construction phase of the First Mobile City at Sea.

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Freedom Ship executives have advised that Freedom Ship International is now prepared and amenable to utilize CEC, (Construction Equity Capitalization) financing to commence the primary construction phase of this history-making global project. CEC financing utilizes contributed products and or services from numerous suppliers in exchange for liberal equity shares in a specific project. The ROI, (Return of Investment) to said equity partners is extremely high as a result of the most favorable disparity between the suppliers/partners' true costs versus their respective equity share allotments in the project's final construction valuation. Freedom Ship's CEC financing may avail interested suppliers/partners with not only an exceptional global platform to showcase their respective products and or services, but in addition, it can result in a debt-free completed mega project. Freedom Ship executives are focusing on shipyards, maritime design/build companies, steel, power plant & azipod mfrs, and entertainment entities as initial joint venture partners.

Robert Pflueger, President/FSI has referenced that Freedom Ship International is most receptive to dialog with any and all interested parties and or entities.

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